Local restaurants and small food businesses

Promote your menu on the web and let people find out how great your food is!
Publish your menu online, divided into categories for easy selection.

Enhance menu items with beautiful pictures and enticing description.
Attract many food lovers looking for special experience!

Guests can make their selection and submit an order right from your web site, saving valuable time of your staff.
Let patrons post food reviews to establish cycle of ever growing popularity. You will be notified of each new review.


Aggregate website FoodiePrise showcases your menu along with menus from other food establishment subscribers in your area. Food items are ordered by proximity to browsing client. To help people find what they are searching for, it allows filtering by restaurant type (american, chinese, indian, fast food) and by food category (appetizers, desserts, entrees, drinks, etc.) It also supports online ordering (ahead of time, or for pickup / delivery).


In many restaurant or small food businesses, profitability is a tricky subject.

  • Do you want to know what most profitable of your offerings are?
  • Do you want to know whether on some of them you're loosing money, even if on average your business seems profitable?
  • Do you want to know your resources bottleneck? Without knowing it, it could soon limit your growth!
  • Keep track of remaining ingredients to plan when to go shopping again?
  • Establish healthy profit margins across the board?
  • Plan production quantities to prevent long shelf life for unsold goods?

It's all possible with our KitchenWorkssm solution.
KitchenWorks allows you to create digital abstraction of your small food business, capturing recipes and production steps in order to calculate true costs.

Used Car Dealerships

Move your used cars lot online and reach new customers!

Our solution lets you establish low costs web presence for your business with very little effort.
We help you create site menu and pages tailored to your business specifics.

What's included:

  • Expandable web site with number of informational pages about your business.
  • Database-driven car gallery of up to 100 vehicle with up to 20 pictures per car.
  • Designed to hold rich information set about cars for sale, such as Year, Make and Model, VIN#, Odometer, Description etc.
  • Contact Us form to capture and arrange online inquiries from customers in application's private Inbox view.
  • Allowing multiple images upload, contact form can be used by agents at auction sites sending cars for approval.


Aggregate website JewelCars present cars from your own lot along with cars from other subscribing dealers in surrounding areas, conveniently arranged by proximity to browsing client. It supports filtering by many parameters for effective user searches. User clicking on one of your cars is redirected to your web site's gallery to view car details and pictures, contacting you, or learning more about your business.


Distributed system for capturing and sharing the times, speed, and ETAs of someone on the move.

It is a system that can be used for both mass participation events, recording sharing start, finish, and intermediate times during cycle, running or other sportives/gran fondos, as well as individual trips, including commutes or going to meetings where others want to follow your progress or know when to expect you.

What's provisioned:

  • Before the event
    • Events - Create new Events for your time and participation tracking needs. Bind event to custom domain!
    • Waypoints - are the places where times will be taken during an Event. There is way to bulk-upload waypoints from gpx file.
    • Routes - are several waypoints strung together. There could be one or more route per event.
    • Participants - are people participating in your event. Each assigned unique Bib #, which is used for event progress recording. There is way to bulk-upload participant's records from CSV file.
  • As event unfolds:
    • Progress- progress records are being posted by waypoint agents - people, authorized to enter multiple participant times, or by participants themselves. As participant passes through each waypoint on his route during event, his time is being taken and recorded into the system via either mobile app or designated web interface.


  • Progress display shows scan statistics from all waypoints sliced by 5 minutes intervals for up to 1 hour back in time. It has ability to group participants by routes they had chosen. Routes display shows how many participants passed through each route waypoint with average statistics of their progress records.
  • Monitor page shows sliced scan statistic for participants arriving at every event waypoint. It displays an overview of how event is unfolding.
  • Routes page groups participants navigating the same route. It shows first, last and median times of participants on each waypoint along the route.
  • My participant page allows tracking individual participants. When selected by name or number - displays participant's progress at every waypoint since start of the event. System tries to predict when participant is to arrive at subsequent waypoints on his route, including approximate time of finish.
  • All participantspage is convenient grid display of all progress scans during an event, with available search and sort capabilities, for quick access to all available data.

SocialEyes Community

Help your organization or local community members break the ice and get to know each other.

  • Have you thought about why we have problems communicating with unfamiliar people face to face?
  • How many opportunities for new friends have we lost because we don't know what to talk about, even when we're genuinely interested in someone?
  • Hint! It only takes couple of questions to start a conversation, evoke sympathy, and sometimes become friends!

Questions are at the core of SocialEyes. They help jump start conversations with members of your community and discover a friend for life!

Features & Benefits

  • To get going, create Profile with basic info about yourself, including your picture and half-a-dozen answers to randomly selected questions.
  • Choose questions you likely to ask when meeting new person in your life, and add them to your Inquiry.
  • Topics that interests you, browse Questions and see how participants are responding. You bound to find someone like-minded!
  • Search feature is available to find members who speak the same language, mention keyword you're crazy about, like 'golf' or 'BBQ' or 'half-inning'.
  • Explore profiles and connect with participants who piqued your curiosity, answer their questionnaire and start a conversation.
  • Participants connected with you, conveniently placed in a separate Contacts tab for quick access to messages and their profile updates.

Bonus! Give your community a boost in mutual understanding via Forums and Groups sections.

  • Create and participate in forums on subjects important to most members.
  • Create dedicated groups for people sharing a passion or activity. Gardening, Books, Travel, Tag Sale etc.
  • Enrich your hobby or explore interests of others!

Let your community thrive and flourish, keep smiles on everyone faces! Adopt SocialEyes for your community or organization today!